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Turmeric Clay Mask

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The Acne Superstar.

Transform your anti-acne routine with our Turmeric Clay Mask, a powerful blend of natural ingredients designed to reveal your blemish-free skin. Uncover the age-old secret of turmeric, revered for centuries for its potent benefits.

The Power of Turmeric

Harness the power of turmeric, a golden treasure known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants prevent free radicals like pollution and UV rays from affecting your skin’s elasticity — the quality that keeps your skin feeling soft and supple. Interestingly, turmeric blocks the enzyme elastase, which attacks your skin’s ability to produce elastin — a substance that provides your skin structure and elasticity.

Brighten and Balance

Our Turmeric Clay Mask rejuvenates and revitalizes, leaving your skin with a luminous glow and a complexion that radiates vitality. Turmeric is a superstar at brightening skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation. Our mask gently exfoliates, helping to fade dark spots and acne scars, leaving your skin even-toned and beautifully balanced

Eliminate Clogged Pores with Bentonite 

Acne-prone skin? Our Turmeric Clay Mask is your new best friend. The special clay bentonite softly absorbs excess oil, unclogging pores and preventing future breakouts without drying out your skin. Furthermore, turmeric's antibacterial properties work to combat acne-causing bacteria. Turmeric has also been shown to increase collagen production and speed up wound healing, therefore accelerating your recovery from acne breakouts. 



See what goodies this product is packed with and hover over them to learn more!

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Potent moisturizer and has several anti-inflammatory (salicylates, polysaccharides, magnesium lactate, and C-glucosyl chromone) as well as some antibacterial components. Helps wound healing and skin regeneration.

Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root, Source of the spice turmeric. It contains curcumin, an antioxidant pigment. Research has shown that curcumin promotes healthier, normalized skin. In vivo, turmeric and its derivatives interrupt signaling in surface cells that trigger signs of irritation. Therefore, it helps calm skin and reduces acne-related redness by modulating pathways to restore a more even appearance.

Bentonite, Excels at absorbing sebum and gunk from the skin and making it instantly smooth and matte. Also, bentonite has a negative ionic charge and thus attracts things with a positive charge, namely bad bacteria and toxins, helping to pull these out of the pores. There is some research showing that bentonite can help to calm skin infections, soothe skin allergies, and might work for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Due to its potency of absorbing sebum, it can easily dry out the skin and it is crucial to moisturize.

Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Loaded with nourishing and moisturizing fatty acids: it's a high linoleic acid oil (70%) and has only smaller amounts of oleic acid (11%), which is great for acne-prone skin. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin E.

Rosa Moschata (Rose Hip) Seed Oil, Powerful hydrating agent thanks to the fatty acids, linoleic acid and oleic acid, which are present in this emollient oil. They help prevent moisture from escaping from the skin’s surface barrier. Also, rose hip oil contains tocopherols and phenolic compounds that are antioxidants, helping to protect skin from aging environmental stressors. The oil may also soothe and help even skin tone.

α-Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Esterified version of vitamin E, making it much more stable with a longer shelf-life. It’s the most commonly used version of vitamin E in cosmetics. It penetrates the skin where it is converted to vitamin E, unfolding its effects as strong anti-oxidant and providing protection against the sun’s UV rays .It lowers the production of sunburn cells, reduces the damage caused by UVB rays and inhibits photocarcinogenesis (the emergence of skin cancer caused by sunlight). It synergizes with Vitamin C perfectly, as Vitamin C protects against the UVA spectrum, so both together cover UVA+UVB to yield broad-spectrum protection.

Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), Retinol (pure vitamin A) with the attached fatty acid palmitic acid. It occurs naturally in the skin and acts as the primary storage form of vitamin A. It is an effective antioxidant and helps to protect the skin from UV light exposure. Vitamin A also speeds up skin cell turnover, which prevents clogged pores and therefore helps combat light to moderate acne. This also means that old, damaged skin cells are pushed out faster, which means that it reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and promotes an even skin tone. The famous anti-aging effect of Vitamin A stems from its ability to increase collagen production and improve blood flow. Contrary to the sometimes-popularized rumor, retinyl palmitate is absolutely safe. The single study to show harmful effects is more than 20 years old and has never been reproduced.

Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Extract, Packed with antioxidant Vitamin C, lemon peel extract protects against free radicals in our environment that harm your skin. Furthermore, research has shown that lemon peel has antibacterial properties.

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, One of the most well-researched antioxidants. It contains polyphenols, and even more precisely catechins, the most abundant and active one being EGCG (EpiGalloCatechin Gallate). The polyphenols in green tea are strong, proven antioxidants. Green tea also reduces UV-caused skin irritation and reddening (erythema). It can even inhibit DNA damage and activate some enzymes that help with DNA repair, helping to prevent skin cancer. The catechins in green tea also possess anti-inflammatory properties. This makes green tea an awesome choice for sensitive, rosacea or acne-prone skin. Furthermore, green tea is antibacterial and can kill acne-causing bacteria.

Spirulina Maxima Extract, Extract from a type of blue-green algae. Research shows it has potent antioxidant and calming abilities.

Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Extract, Soothing, antioxidative and antimicrobial abilities.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Non-sensitizing extract of the cucumber known for its soothing and emollient properties. Even Cleopatra used it to “preserve her skin”. The main constituents are ascorbic acid (vitamin C), caffeic acid (an antioxidant), fatty acids, and the mineral silica. Cucumber also contains amino acids and organic acids that are helpful for the skin’s acid mantle. There is also an enzyme (called shikimate dehydrogenase) in the pulp that’s shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. A common belief is that cucumber is useful for improving the appearance of puffy eyes; however, there is no reliable research to support this contention.

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract extract coming from the popular garden plant Calendula or Marigold. It has quite exceptional healing powers and is particularly remarkable in the treatment of wounds. It contains flavonoids that give the plant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
G. Hill
doesn't dry out!

One of the only clay masks that doesn’t make your face a crackling desert. If you are one who hates clay masks because you hate the feeling of the clay drying, this mask is for you because it stays moist for a very long time! I’ll definitely be purchasing this again.

Bridget L.

This mask is really good at removing excess oils and impurities from my pores. It also helps with uneven skin or dullness and leaves skin soft and radiant.

Adriana Campbell

I have oily skin, and my skin has been breaking out lately, so I wanted to try out this clay mask. It has a nice and calm natural scent so it's definitely suitable for sensitive skin. The texture is smooth and soft, it applies well without caking up. I was expecting the mask to dry up and feel like it’s tightening up my face but it stayes pretty moist the entire time. Can only recommend!

Christina Bennett

Smells very earthy and nice, not penetrant at all. It doesn't dry at all, the mask stays fairly soft, which I like a lot. What surprised me the most: I've only used clay masks that dry out your skin. This one actually manages to MOISTURIZE it. I love it and removing is very easy with warm water. Can recommend!

Ann Roberts

really helped my acne

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