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When Beauty Meets Science.

Our mission is to approach skin care scientifically.
We sell the newest electronic skin care products, which are contrived together with scientists and dermatologists. Our devices are destined to enhance and transform conventional skin care.

Who is MedGleam?

Understandably, you want to know more about us when entrusting us with your health.
We are MedGleam, a medical beauty-tech company. Our goal is to revolutionize skin care with a synergistic blend of electronic devices and topical products, all based on pure scientific evidence.

What do you sell?

Our flagship devices rely on various scientific phenomena such as ions, ultrasound, and visible light. We only sell what others have thoroughly researched. We also have a conventional line with topical products, LIYALAN.

What are your values?

0% Bullshit.
100% Science.
We only sell products that are based on thorough scientific research. No bogus, no "miracle" solutions.
Transparency. You're probably not a dermatologist, so we write blogs about how our products work and link studies for those interested. We want you to understand the science behind our products.
Best Prices. We want to make skin care affordable for everyone so we try our best to keep our prices low. Found a similar product that beats us? Contact us and we will see what we can do.
Customers First. Your health is important to us. We don't just offer support regarding orders and shipping but we will also give advice on what suits your skin type and when a product is contraindicated for your medical state.
We hope we could build some trust and we'd really like to get to know you too, so feel free to contact our support anytime! If you want to learn more, we'd recommend you to read our About Us page. We wish you a pleasant experience on our website and see you around!

Your MedGleam Team

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Vegan and Cruelty Free

1 year warranty