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The Secret to Effortless, Lasting Curls.

Are you tired of struggling with traditional lash curlers that pinch and pull your precious lashes with the curl lasting for merely an hour? Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of curling your lashes, and say hello to easyCurl – the ultimate solution for beautifully curled lashes without the hassle!

Achieve Stunning, Enduring Curls

With easyCurl, you can effortlessly transform your lashes into eye-catching, long-lasting curls that frame your eyes and enhance your overall look. Our advanced heating technology gently and evenly warms your lashes, making them pliable and ready for shaping. Say goodbye to clamping and pinching – easyCurl ensures a pain-free experience, even for the most sensitive eyes.

heated lash curler demonstration

Fast and Easy to Use

No more waiting around for your traditional lash curler to heat up! easyCurl is ready to use in 30 seconds, saving you precious time during your beauty routine. Simply switch it on, and within moments, you'll be on your way to stunning, curled lashes that hold all day. 

Gentle and Safe for Your Lashes

easyCurl is designed with your lash health in mind. The controlled heat is gentle on your lashes, minimizing the risk of damage or breakage. You can choose between 2 heat settings: warm 65 ℃/149°F (green mode) and hot 85 ℃/185°F (blue mode) depending on how thin and sensitive your lashes are.
Plus, the unique design allows for precise curling from root to tip, ensuring uniform results every time.

heated lash curler settings


Compact and Travel-Friendly

easyCurl's sleek and compact design makes it the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Slip it into your purse or travel bag, and you'll always have the power to refresh and enhance your lashes whenever, wherever.

Invest in your beauty routine with easyCurl, the heated lash curler that delivers exceptional results without the hassle. Elevate your lash game and turn heads wherever you go. Order yours today and discover the secret to effortless, stunning lashes with easyCurl!

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Florence Clark
long-lasting curl

this device really helps hold the curl. I've always used the conventional curlers without heating and after a hour at most they gradually go back straight, which was so annoying because I had to touch it up like 3 times a day which costed me so much nerves and time. I wish the opening was a little bit bigger because my lashes are pretty messed up, especially in the morning and it is somewhat difficult to get them all in that small space at one time. Other than that it's a really effective curler that lasts for a day!

Helen Wilson

I forgot to take a before picture but I can tell you my natural eyelashes are literally straight like a line. The curl lasts all day for me. Secret tip from me: use mascara I think that adds some extra hold. The easyCurl heats up super quick and holds a charge for a good amount of time. Love that I don’t have to replace batteries and that it's rechargeable!

Connie Martin
total game changer

I am blessed with very long and thick eyelashes (many of my friends think I'm wearing mascara when I'm actually not lol) but my biggest problem: they are soo straight , so curling my eyelashes has always been a must in my makeup routine This electric curler is amazing !!! Takes a little bit to get the hang of it but it keeps my lashes curled all day long. For those worrying about the heat: It doesn’t hurt or burn your eyes at all ! It has a safety on it to prevent burns or injury and as long as you're careful literally nothing can happen. Definitely recommend!!!

J. Owen

So I always thought, what if you use heat to make the curl longer-lasting. And me dumbass who didn't know that electric curlers exists heated a normal curler with a blow dryer. What happened? Obviously I burnt myself all the time. So when I ran across this I knew I had try it. So easy to use and the curl lasts for a whole day

Denise H.
love it

My eyelashes are very straight and always dipping down. I have used all different type of mascara curlers and it doesn't last. Then I started using this heated curler. It curls my lashes beautifully and makes my lashes look voluminous and pretty. I then put mascara over. The curl lasts all day, which is awesome! Also it heats up so super-fast (not more than half a minute) and because it's so small I can carry it with me everywhere! I would totally recommended.

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