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Steam to Gleam.

Cleanse and detoxify your face with our next-generation facial steamer. Clears pores, stimulates blood circulation and moisturizes your skin - while you can just relax and enjoy the facial sauna experience. Your skin will be softer and silkier than ever!

Ready, set, steam!

The large 100ml water tank softly sprays warm steam onto your face and effectively cleanses your skin while gently removing oil and blackheads. It easily releases impurities and softens your skin in no time.
Furthermore, the hot steam dilates your blood vessels and increases blood circulation.
Therefore, the skin cells are provided with more nutrients and oxygen, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, for a young and firm skin.
No matter your skin type, NanoSteam will be the right thing for you!

Steam nourishing skin cells and hydrating them

Revolutionary Nano-Ionic Technology

The built-in vaporizer atomizes the steam into ultra-fine particles and simultaneously charges the water molecules negatively. This leads to an antioxidative and anti-aging effect on the skin just like creams with Vitamin E, Retinols, etc. Say bye to all the time-consuming hassle that comes with conventional cosmetic products.
Just lean back and let NanoSteam do the work for you.

Your personal Sauna

Skincare isn’t always fun - but NanoSteam definitely is.
Relax and enjoy the spa-like experience while feeling the hot steam caress your face. If you like, you can even drop some essential oils onto a cotton pad and lay it on the steamer – The smell will be amazing and you can use NanoSteam for aromatherapy and to clear sinuses and runny noses

woman using the NanoSteam facial steamer

Enhances Your Skin Care Routine

With clear pores, you'll be more receptive to your other skincare products and treatments, making their effects even more potent and beneficial.
Try out NanoSteam now and watch your skincare routine transform!

How do I choose my power plug?

Don't worry, we will automatically ship you the correct model based on your shipping address. The voltage and power plug will be chosen accordingly.

Is NanoSteam™ rechargeable?

NanoSteam™ doesn't contain a rechargeable battery, it has to be plugged in.

What is nano-ionic steam?

This refers to a special kind of steam that has two properties as mentioned in the name: 1. It consists of nano-particles, which means the vaporizer built into the device nebulates the water into ultra-fine droplets 2. Said droplets are charged with electrons, hence converting the molecules into ions with anti-oxidative properties. Therefore, the steam neutralizes free radicals - the number one cause of skin aging together with UV radiation from the sun. This technology has been tried and true in the industry and studies show that nano-particles can penetrate the skin 10 times more effectively because they are so small.

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Annette Stewart
best buy this year

love using this , super easy to use and it starts steaming within seconds. I love how exfoliating after steaming leaves my skin much cleaner and refreshed . I then use vitamin C and a face wash. Love love love this steamer, it has now become a staple in my skin care routine!

Cameron Foster
huge results

My results are phenomenal with this steamer and I could notice them after the first use! It doesn't only clear sinuses but opens your pores and makes your skin moist and warm, which makes it super-easy to cleanse thereafter and remove all the oil and debris. I was like holy shit this is almost exactly like salon style, so for the price it's insane. I will be using this daily, can only recommend ♥️

H. Young
best steamer I have used, EVER!

I love how it feels on my face. It does get quite a bit hot but not that it's uncomfortable and it works like a charm. Great add to my skin care routine, I think it makes my skin absorb moisturizers and serums way better. I also found that this really helps me when I’m sick, it helps me get over my cold quicker because it opens your airways and kills bacteria (your body creates fever just to do that so steaming is basically just fever from outside).

Jade Kelly

I couldn't decide, so I got two different facial steamers. I definitely prefer this one. There are just small details that make a big difference. I like that it has a handle which makes it very portable. It heats up very fast, and it is very compact and light. Overall, a very good buy for a fair price

Amy Snyder
powerful and affordable steamer

I used to use the one from Sephora for over 100 bucks. I am now angry at myself having paid that much. This one is so much cheaper and does the same job, very satisfied with my buy

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